Elected and appointed officials are accountable to the citizenry. How you convey your message through the media or at community meetings can mean the difference between advancing a controversial proposal with public support or ending up with a controversy that dooms a worthy project.

Paymar Communications Group helps mayors, city and county managers, council members, commissioners and administrators develop the necessary skills and communication techniques to convey their message to the media and the public.

Appointed and elected officials will learn how to:

  • develop a strategic public relations plan
  • cultivate relationships with the media
  • present a proposal in a succinct manner
  • organize a presentation for public hearings or community meetings
  • deal with opposition and resistance

Paymar Communications Group works with elected and appointed officials in developing an effective game plan, teaching communication skills and assisting with the presentation of proposals.

Winning Elections

Getting elected to public office requires communication skills, leadership and the ability to exude confidence as a candidate. How you organize a campaign requires a strategic approach to ensure you get elected.

Paymar Communications Group provides the winning formula by working with individual candidates, groups of candidates and campaign managers through trainings and/or consultations. Candidates and campaign managers will learn how to:

  • develop a strategic plan for a campaign
  • effectively announce a candidacy
  • stay on message during a debate or interview
  • design effective literature and campaign ads
  • build a campaign organization
  • articulate a position on issues
  • deal with conflicts and attacks

Paymar Communications Group works with candidates, campaign managers and political caucuses using current and former elected officials who have organized successful campaigns and journalists who have covered elections to provide the techniques and strategies needed to win.